Tired of spending your time dealing with pet poop?

Off Doody is here for you!
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Our Services

Here at Off Doody, we offer weekly and biweekly services with NO contracts!

One-Time Cleanup

Too much pet poop? Preparing to host an event in your yard? Our one-time service will get your yard clean and ready for any occasion!

Service starts at $40.


Keep your yard poop-free all month long! Sign up for regular service to keep your yard clean and ready for you to enjoy, with NO contracts! 

Prices start at $15/week.

Litter Box Swap

Yes, we take care of kitty poop, too! Swap your litter box out with a clean, sanitized box filled with fresh litter. 

Service available 1x and 2x weekly.

Ready to offload your poop scooping duties?



Don't just take it from us - here's what our customers are saying!

Lucy D.

Thank you for doing this “crappy job” so I don’t have to! Feel confident about contacting Off Doody to help with your cat’s and dog’s waste. They truly love what they doo, and the pets, too.

Ravyn W.

Wasn't anticipating such stellar service, much less in such short order! Called to start weekly dog-waste services, and they were on it. A technician came, and did an amazing job on our yard.

Cathy H.

Super people, super service! Call today to get your favorite pets doo doo cleaned up from your yard!

About Us

Julie and Ian are longtime Marion residents, and lifelong animal lovers. Together, they strive to provide a clean, safe environment for pets and families, as well as a customer service experience rated Best in Show!

Off Doody is proud to provide yard scooping and litter box services, as well as installation and maintenance of pet waste stations to residential and commercial clients in Marion, Delaware, Mt Gilead, and Edison, OH.

Off Doody Pet Waste

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